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040 | 107 graphics, MY DISEASE WILL BE CURED

i have the kibum disease. this is my attempt at trying to cure it 8( i wanted to icon more but i got lazy... LOL so i'll probably make more later. but watch me post next year or something. i'm so bad at this!!11

icons featuring various asian celebrities, supernatural, the vampire diaries, anastasia, hercules, lovely complex, blahblah 108 TOTAL *dies*

( i have no idea why i like this show )
Tags: !creator: damianic, !graphics: icons, actor: yoo ah in, actress: meisa kuroki, animanga: lovely complex, movie: anastasia, movie: hercules, music: 2ne1, music: mblaq, music: shinee, music: yui, tv: supernatural, tv: the vampire diaries
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