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039 | rec post over at tortes! n_n

hey you, yes you! besides the fact that i've been MIA, ya'll know i'm also a part of the community tortes with three other (apparently) tarts that i adore! well the past few days we put together a rec post (courtesy of both kipling and vowel because they have the creativity as big as the universe) where we rec iconists that we adore. i think you all should check it out because we've rec'd people from ancient iconists to new ones! :DD some of ya'll may know them, some of ya'll may have absolutely NO IDEA who is who but that's ok because we think you should CHECK THEM OUT. they're all great and amazing~~ PLUS it will help fill your 200 something userpic space! ;)


p.s. it's in two parts because that's how much love we have ;) part one is above, part two can be seen by clicking the link at the bottom of part one!
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